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 Hitohana, Eliyah.

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Gender : Male
Kan : 50
Shikai : N/A
Bankai : N/A

Hitohana, Eliyah. Empty
PostSubject: Hitohana, Eliyah.   Hitohana, Eliyah. Icon_minitimeThu Jul 13, 2017 5:55 am


Name: Hitohana, Eliyah (pronounced Elii-zhah, not Elai-zhah)
Aliases/Titles: Eli, Hana-kun, Emerald
Gender: Male
True Age: 74 years
Physical Age: 18-19
Species: Shinigami
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Eliyah has a body of an adolescent, which is muscled in a manner common to an athlete, but not to someone, who is constantly working out, and thus, lacks the impression of an intimidating guy. In fact, his slender figure is almost effeminate, and too innocent for others to be alarmed by his appearance - this is perhaps the most treasured thing in Eliyah's appearance, matched by similarly innocent gestures and expressions, to create an illusion of harmlessness. His skin is like marble with it's slightly pale complexion, and his flesh is... perhaps not as hard as stone, yet as unyielding and tense as well, due to constantly forcing his body to it's limits. Even then, he has impressive flexibility, and great talent in acrobatics.

Anyone could agree on him being a beautiful boy, "bishounen", with his youthful appearance, almost effeminate features and a face, that you will never be able to forget. His flawlessness, apparent gender neutrality and innocence bring one into his control, where he can tell them whatever he wants and have it done. Eliyah feels no qualms about using his innocence or desirability to trick and manipulate the people around him, and will do so for most of the time. His expression, aura and mannerism all appear to give an impression of an innocent youth, sort of an impression, that doesn't match his personality at all. Even in anger, his face remains extremely peaceful, and no matter how much he tries, wrinkles of stress never appear on his face of a baby. When he smiles, he becomes the sun of world, his smile shining on whoever he is giving it, and when he speaks, his voice is soft and melodious. He looks like a demi-god, and he uses this to his own advantage.

When it comes to his hair, it's messy on purpose, well-conditioned, and dark brown in coloration: it reaches just below his eyes, and is rarely seen worn in any specific manner. At the first glance, his eyes, the shining green orbs, are like stars, beautiful and tranquil in every sense, having the appearance of royal jewels of a faraway, foreign country. They channel an aura of purity, cleanliness and innocence, and give off the impression, that he has not seen world nor gotten his hands dirty. The color of jade it bears, is a symbol of union between wisdom and beauty, but it also represents an insatiable green fire, that devours everything on it's path, and a graceful poison, that subtly and silently murders it's victims.

Style/Clothing: It's not like Eliyah intentionally seeks to be flashy with his clothing, but in the way he prefers to dress, that's exactly what he looks like. For a boy, his wardrobe is quite large, and seeing his face, it becomes quite obvious, that this guy is a metro-sexual. If he can, he wants to look good, when he is around other people, even though it is true, that he isn't the most outgoing person in the first place. His style could be best described as elegant and showy, with a tint of majestic touch to it, and a great emphasis on shades of green, especially on the rich shine of jade, and the colours of black and gold. Since he is sort of a workaholic, most of his clothing can be formal, and if not, they still wouldn't most likely be casual.

Eliyah even has several shinigami uniforms to start out with. In the first one, he wears a black kosode and hakama, just like in the ordinary uniform, but the difference is, that outfit's kosode is a few cents shorter in the sleeves, so the shitagi underneath would become more visible, leaving the end of sleeves lightly pastel green instead of black. He also wears an intensively jade-colored obi sash, that is supposed to be white in the normal attire, and its longer than most, floating in the strong breeze. Eliyah hates when his obi sash gets wet, because it becomes only troublesome by becoming heavier. Instead of pair of waraji sandals, he wears uwabaki-styled skin-tight slippers, on his feet, that are actually designed for women. He wear ordinary tabi-socks with an small modification, them being not as long as supposed to; they extend only to his Achilles tendon. This is Eliyah's most simple and ordinary, and so on, worn only on occasions which would demand simplicity in terms of his clothing.

For the secondary uniform, he has something else. Instead of a shihakusho, he wears a black vest with golden buttons and lining, and a high collar with gold tassels attached to corners: underneath he wears a black, skin-tight shirt that extends to his elbows. Usually, he wears finger-less white tekko, covering his arms up to his elbows. With this attire, he wears loose, black-coloured pants and same footwear as in the first one, and no obi, meaning he doesn't carry zanpakuto with this uniform.

In some uniform variations, he wears a hood as well, in others he might have a golden linings all over the attire, while sometimes, he might be wearing cut-off shoulders shihakusho or an uniform without sleeves. One day, you can see him with wrapped up sleeves and uwa-obi,and on the next, he might be wearing more of a robe with massive sleeves. He has countless amount of outfits to go as an uniform, and it would be futile to list them all, so let's just forget 'bout them, and move to what he wears usually.

There is a certain green coat he has a liking of, and which he wears in missions outside of Seireitei, or in the battlefield. In times of war, he might be wearing shin guards and chain-mail armour shirt. His favourite footwear is uwabaki-styled shoes, usually of green colour, and black bobby socks without any decorations. In the laboratory, he wears a normal lab coat and glasses over the attire, while in formal events, he might be seen wearing unique kimonos, robes or something nobody expects to see worn.

Aside from clothing, he wears his hair either free, bound or shaped, and is an user of jewellery and perfumes. Sometimes, he also covers his neck with a long green-coloured scarf of cotton, and wears a pedant, made of black string and jade gems, which both seem to be trinkets of his past.

In human word, he tends not to wear this kind of clothing. For a moment, he is allowed to be in form a normal human, and in this special moment, he wants to wear human clothes. He wears either black or brown jeans, a black shirt under a green hoodie and good running shoes almost every time he is in World of Living. The hoodie has white lining, and even though it's long sleeved, Eliyah likes to wrap the sleeves to make them shorter: the hood is white, while the rest of hoodie is green, and it has two pockets in the chest, and another two in the sides.


Despite his small physical figure, Eliyah is one of the fiercest individuals of his division, which he actually views as the reason he has gotten this far. He prefers not to stay quiet about his opinions on something, while most people on his division do the exact opposite in fear of being made human bombs. It's not like he wouldn't be aware of the risk related to it, but it's against his personal moral to keep his mouth shut, if he sees that something is not right. He is not afraid of fighting against an opinion he does not agree with, even if it belongs to a superior of his, but this doesn't mean he is hostile against every opinion, that is not his.

While he surely has some sense of self-preservation, and doesn't mean he is cocky or dumb enough to risk his life, Eliyah is known to be rather martyring. He would much rather die, because he said his opinion, than die without saying what was on his mind, believing strongly in one's right to say what they think. He is a boy, who stands in front of his own values and his priorities, and this is why he will interfere on a matter he doesn't agree on. His respect for honesty makes him disrespectful towards those who lie and cheat, and also makes Eliyah a quite honest person himself. Yes, truth might hurt, but it's something every single person should be able to handle in his opinion.

To him, values come before orders.

He is cold, merciless and harsh on his words. Having little to no interest in nonsense, and having no tolerance for people who cannot separate emotion and work, he doesn't necessarily mean to hurt you, but usually he will. When someone attacks him verbally, he returns the favour, believing that offence is your best defence, and this philosophy affects other things too, namely his views of vengeance. Should someone do harm to him or his work, he pays back with force that is of an entirely unseen degree: if you are often around him, he also tends to make your life very miserable and painful every single day as well. Consider him vindictive, an usual trait found in members of his division.

Eliyah is an extreme collectivist, meaning he holds a group in much higher importance than an individual, while most of his colleagues are seeking their personal benefit. His loyalty for his affiliations could be compared to that of a dog, because everyone knows, that even though he might seem somewhat rebellious with his fierce attitude, he is prepared to die for his superiors. In fact, there is nothing he hates more than people who are unable enough to follow their chosen cause or superiors till the end. In his eyes, the greatest crime, that one can commit, is to betray their subject of loyalty to save their own skin or to gain greater benefits; he doesn't get along with traitors, and is more than eager to punish them with death, rather than imprisonment. He is willing to do anything, that would benefit his division.

One could see him as an overachiever, and in a sense, this is true. He wouldn't be standing where he is now, if he couldn't show other people, that he could still beat them, even if his physical figure didn't hint so. And ever since deciding he would aim to join Division 12, he studied almost every area of science, ranging from medicine to technology. He had to be as good as others were, if not better, if he wanted to prove himself worthy; Eliyah is skilled combatant and scientist, and feels like home, when he is being drowned in work. Years have also allowed him to become very thorough in his work, while on a downside to this, he doesn't accept imperfection, always demanding for perfection, from others and himself. He could also be seen as somewhat ambitious person, determined to advance his position in the group and advance the position of group in the spiritual and material worlds.

He likes to keep emotions and work away from each other. Through his early years as a shinigami, he hated how his feelings messed with his ability to calculate and make decisions, leading into critical mistakes, but later on, he developed a mental capability to separate emotion and work. This means, that below his emotionless shell, he actually feels something.

Inside, he could be considered someone full of life, though this rarely shows to the outside. Eliyah does love life itself, having fun, doing outrageous things, travelling around and seeing all of the beautiful things in his world; however, he decided to suppress this side of himself a long time ago, in order to become a success in his division. Generally an enigmatic shinigami, he likes to keep this side hidden, but one might notice pieces of a person buried inside him, revealing that he hasn't always been a bad person.

That said, he could be considered highly aware of himself, his memories, his feelings and his thoughts. Eliyah truly has a profound understanding of himself, knowing what are his own weaknesses and what are his strengths, and how he feels about himself and other people. There is rarely a moment, when he is unsure of how he is feeling or what he is thinking: a result of great introspection process. He can separate an artificial though or memory from a real one, and has proven to be quite enduring at illusions, that affect himself.

His experience of a battlefield have made him stronger and smarter. For instance, it has allowed him to become quite experienced at perceiving his environment, picking up details all around him, picture things in his mind and build complex strategies in a few seconds. Now, these same skills are proven as useful in the laboratory as in the battlefield, alongside the skills he has learned through study and reading books. He is shown to be pretty creative and far-seeing, whenever it might be demanded.

Much more philosophical thinker than you'd expect, he can be found wondering mysteries and questions of existence on the first day, and definitions and meanings of beauty on the next. He pays attention to the subtle messages of the universe and soft whispers of the nature, seeks knowledge of his own role in this world, and watches the work of greater forces in awe. Eliyah is capable of arousing questions in others with his thoughtfulness, but even this is nothing compared to his deep understanding of universe and ability to watch the world from a different point of view for a moment.

He can be pretty ruthless in combat, but even more merciless he is when it comes to work. It could be said, that he has a twisted sense of moral and justice, since he is capable of authorising massacres of innocent people and isn't below killing those who are far weaker than he is, out of annoyance. When it comes to price of human life, only thing than is worth of something to him is the body, which in the other hand, doesn't have a high worth anyways. This makes him look like a monster to some, but he has some quite unreasonable moral restrictions, many of which are not known to others.

Yet, Eliyah is a pretty selfless person. His work comes before himself and things like his own personal health, because he knows he is doing it for Soul Society and Gotei 13, leading him into becoming sort of a salt-of-the-earth shinigami. Someone, who will always look at the benefits for the community before even giving a thought for the individual gain, which would be a valid reason for his opinions on human life.

This makes him manipulative on some occasions. He simply doesn't care for any feelings, thoughts or free will of an individual: the opinions, emotional states and choices of a group or a society do matter to him, in the other hand. Eliyah is hardly social, kind of introverted, but while he doesn't enjoy being in crowds or interacting with several people, it's not uncommon for him to push himself through it to do his job. He isn't uneasy around others, it's just not common of him of be social.

Eliyah doesn't like letting people too close or allow them to build emotional ties to him very often, so, he keeps interacting with others professional and as minimal as possible. Carefully measuring every word before say them aloud is necessary for him, since he couldn't forgive himself if he told someone of professional secrets. He is usually respectful, unless he is given a reason not to be, whenever he is around allies or friends.

Sort of a judgemental and sceptical person, Eliyah is cautious of people, because he knows what kind of monsters can disguise themselves as sheep. Very quick on analysing his targets, within moments he can tell what kind of person you are, maybe even some details: a hour with someone, and he has a full mental profile of you. It's futile to lie to him, because one way or another, he will always know, from the moment you open your mouth.

To personal enemies and enemies of his superiors, he is extremely cold and merciless. He believes in never giving them anything they could use against you, and in never allowing a traitor to live unless there is an order for them to be brought back unharmed (which he will honour only on certain circumstances). Most likely, he will execute enemies he defeats immediately, but on some occasions, he imprisons them for torment or experimentation.

When it comes to love, it's almost out of reach to him, and to most, it seems he wouldn't be able to love anyone back if they fell for him. He can be a passionate lover for a while, but it never lasts, if he doesn't feel true attraction to the person. He is sapiosexual, meaning he finds intelligence the most sexiest thing in others.


• Intelligent People. It's the brainy people, that are even worth of his time.
• Working. Is there anything better than having your hands full of work?
• Literature. Because just a few words equals to a thousand pictures.
• Relaxation. After a long day of work, it's important to have a moment of rest.
• Ayurveda Tea. Especially ginseng, ginger and chilli flavor.
• Takeaway Food. Petty humans FINALLY made something useful.
• Eating. It doesn't have to even taste good, it's the act of eating itself.
• Games, Puzzles and Challenges. Who wouldn't like to play some games?
• Green. The color, plants, basically anything that is green.


• Stupidity. It's the ugliest for of deformity in existence.
• Disloyalty. There is nothing more hateful than disobedience and betrayal.
• Hollow. Let's not forget he is a shinigami.
• Whiny People. AKA people who try to socialise with him via casual conversation.
• Interruptions. If he is talking, do not, EVER, interrupt him.
• Arrogance. Being a collectivist, he hates people full of themselves.
• Being Unconscious. Not aware of what is happening around him? He's terrified.


• Power. Influence upon others, unparalleled strength and high status.
• Admiration. Is being respected and admired by others too much to ask for?
• Reformation. Certain things should be changed and remodelled.
• Wisdom. He's already really intelligent, so it's wisdom he needs more.


• Decisions. Through precise calculation of probability, he makes pretty good choices.
• Intuition. He puts a lot of faith in his intuition, and it usually works out well.
• Calm. Remains composed in any situation, hard to freak out.
• Introspection. He has studied himself and knows exactly what happens in his head.
• Loyal. This guy is not only doggy loyal to his cause, but also martyring.
• Resistant to Manipulation. Don't even try it. It wont work.

Fears & Weaknesses:

• Never optimistic. Realistic or pessimistic, but never optimistic.
• Cold. To the outside, he is emotionless, which leads him being a jerk.
• Merciless. When it comes to taking a life, he wont even blink.
• Abandonment. It's his greatest fear to be trashed like paper by Gotei 13.
• Temperamental. If you happen to threaten him, you find him quickly angered.
• Clueless. Has no idea that he should respect a human life.


Stat Division:
Level: 1
Rank: E
Clan: N/A

Reiryoku: 10
Agility: 1
Defence: 1
Health: 1
Kido: 5
Resistance: 1
Strength: 1

Kan: 50
Items: Asauchi [Wakizashi]
Kido Learned: Up to #10 in all fields.


Historical Details:

- Born in 1927, in Hiroshima, Japan.
- Died in 1945, in Hiroshima atomic bombing.
- Enrolled in Shin'o Academy in 1948.
- Adopted into Hitohana household in 1951.


- Twin Brother: Alexis Hitohana | FC: Houtarou Oreki
- Older Brother: Eiichi Hitohana | FC: Masashi Tougaito
- Older Sister: Aiko Hitohana | FC: Shoko Yuasa
- Adoptive Mother: Hanae Hitohana | FC: Youko Itoigawa
- Father: Japanese, Eitaro Yoshihara | Deceased
- Mother: British-Finnish, Anna Johnson | Deceased

- Raian Ichikawa, Friend | FC: Satoshi Fukube
- Katagiri Ito, Friend | FC: Mayaka Ibara
- Hiroshi Fukuda, Friend | FC: Jiro Tanabe
- Mei Sasaki, Friend | FC: Eru Chitanda
- Ayame Fujicho, Friend | FC: Fuyumi Irisu

- Azusa Ichikawa, Raian's sister | FC: Misaki Sawakiguchi
- Katsuo Ichikawa, Raian's brother| FC: Muneyoshi Kugayama
- Haruko Fukuda, Hiro's sister | FC: Kaho Jumonji
- Amegiri Ito, Katagiri's sister | FC: Kayo Zenna
- Mae Sasaki, Mei's sister | FC: Ayako Kouchi

- Mika, Mystery Girl | FC: Kurako Eba
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Gender : Male
Kan : 50
Shikai : N/A
Bankai : N/A

Hitohana, Eliyah. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hitohana, Eliyah.   Hitohana, Eliyah. Icon_minitimeThu Jul 13, 2017 5:59 am

All done. It'd look prettier but HTML is disabled so can't work some more code Sad

Nevertheless history is vague on purpose. All those people there will come out in flashback threads and Eliyah's history is purposely enigmatic for both the relationship characters purpose and also his own historical details are vague to keep to this plot idea. Hence why I didn't write any history paragraphs although I tried to make up for the historical details being vague with the other aspects of character ie. Appearance and personality.
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Hitohana, Eliyah.
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