Radiant Souls Bleach RPG

Create your own radiant soul, zanpakuto, kido, and so much more! Advance from academy student to captain or even hollow in this exciting text based Bleach RPG, where nearly anything is possible.
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 Beraenor A Lion RP

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PostSubject: Beraenor A Lion RP   Beraenor A Lion RP Icon_minitimeMon May 15, 2017 5:09 pm

Beraenor A Lion RP Y8ZrErQ
Play by post RPG.
No word count minimum.
Player driven plot.
Can play characters after death.
In depth guidebook for successful playing.
In character and out of character awards to collect.
Create your own dynasty.

Enter Baraenor
Semi-Fantasy Lion RP

If you join tell them Taske sent you ;D
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Beraenor A Lion RP
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