Radiant Souls Bleach RPG

Create your own radiant soul, zanpakuto, kido, and so much more! Advance from academy student to captain or even hollow in this exciting text based Bleach RPG, where nearly anything is possible.
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Gender : Female
Kan : 50
Shikai : N/A
Bankai : N/A

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PostSubject: Statistics   Statistics Icon_minitimeSat Apr 22, 2017 4:49 am

Stats are points distributed in a set number of categories to determine the proficiency in said category.

Reiryoku: Your overall power and stamina pool. This number is equivalent to all your stats added together.
Agility: How fast your character can move and react to events.
Defense: How sturdy your character is in the face of physical damage.
Health: How many hits your character can take before death. If it drops below one third of its maximum, your agility is decreased by half.
Kido: How proficient your character is with ranged magic attacks.
Resistance: How resistant your character is to kido-based attacks.
Strength: How strong your character is.

Your updates stats must be kept in your signature at all times for easy reference. Stats cap at 999, but you may want to spread them out. Just a tip Wink

All questions about stats can be asked below
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