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Create your own radiant soul, zanpakuto, kido, and so much more! Advance from academy student to captain or even hollow in this exciting text based Bleach RPG, where nearly anything is possible.
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 Hiruma Clan

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Kan : 150
Shikai : N/A
Bankai : N/A

PostSubject: Hiruma Clan   Wed May 03, 2017 2:46 pm

Clan Name: Hiruma
Clan Symbol:
Clan History: One of the Four Great Noble Families, known for their immense mental and physical agility and kido skills. Members of this family are usually appointed to the Onmitsukido or Kido Corps. It was originally the high number of people from this clan being selected to join the Royal Guard that made it one of the Noble Families. Although a certain unspoken incident lead to the elders deciding to send its members to other branches of the Seireitei's military. Although only branch members are typically sent to the Shin'o Academy to become Shinigami, there have been cases with main members also being sent there.

Bloodline Effect: +5% Agility, +5% Kido
+100 starting Kan
Requirements: Must be born into, must start as academy student
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Gender : Female
Kan : 50
Shikai : N/A
Bankai : N/A

PostSubject: Re: Hiruma Clan   Wed May 03, 2017 3:04 pm

Looking good! Approved and adding you to it~

In this world, it's kill or be killed.
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Hiruma Clan
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