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 Percival Osuna

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Kan : 50
Shikai : N/A
Bankai : N/A

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PostSubject: Percival Osuna   Percival Osuna Icon_minitimeTue May 02, 2017 4:06 pm

Percival Osuna Percival_Daywalker_-_Durandal%27s_True_Form

Name: Percival Osuna
Age: 125
Gender: Male
Race: Shingami

Stat Division: D
Level: 1
Rank: Student

Reiryoku: 11
Agility: 4
Defense: 2
Health: 2
Kido: 1
Resistance: 1
Strength: 1

Percival is described as someone who's from a noble lineage — a higher breed of human that stands above the rest; although he was born with special qualities that makes him stand out from the rest of his peers, he comes from a very plain & humble background. It's been noted by various individuals that his physical appearance beguiles his actual age, though this is very typical for some souls. There's many descriptions about Percival appearance, but the one that tends to be noticed his somewhat femininity, having qualities that would commonly mistake him for a girl. This is mainly seen in his facial and bodily features. This trait has been noted in a comical light by those who meet him, often addressing him as a girl & treating him as such until he reveals his actual gender — much to the shock of others. However, at times he tends to get annoyed by this, as there are times where he wants to be recognized as a male.

As stated, Percival is physically younger than he actually is, which tends to cause misunderstandings to arise with those he meets; however, it's because of this that he's noted to be a very attractive individual — the attention of those who lock eyes with him. He's shorter than most men his age, being around the same height as a pre-teen — something that doesn't help his situation a bit. He possesses elegant and soft purple hair, a trait he inherited from his mother; it's waist length, being tied near the end with an azure ribbon given to him by a friend during some point in their childhood with longer green one on top of it. Strands of his hair hang over his face and shoulder with his bangs swaying to the left side. On top of his head, he has an ahoge which has a tendency to be rather expressive during times of emotion; such examples would be drooping during times of sadness or wagging back and forth like a dog's tail during times of extreme happiness or excitement. Considering to be the most important aspect of his being, he possesses radiant golden-peach skin and brilliant gold-colored eyes — both of which are known to be as luminous as the heavens themselves.

During various intervals of his lifetime, Percival is seen wearing clothing that makes him appear regal; this reinforces the previous statement of people thinking of him as a high-class individual. Currently, he wears attire that fits his affinity to the light element. The color scheme being white & gold, it consists of a long trench coat with a popped up color, a blouse worn underneath with a large white cloth piece in the front that protects his neck, skin-tight dress paints and shoes with a very elongated sole & having a large tongue. He later switches this outfit out with one that's even more regal; this is similar to the ones worn by nobles attending a masquerade or a ball of sorts. Still sticking to the same color scheme, it had additional colors such a brown, blue, and orange. Percival has a variety of other outfits similar to this one that he wears on various occasions; the one thing that all of them have in common is that, despite its somewhat dainty appearance, it's known to be very durable due to the material that comprises it — thus making it battle savvy. The reason why Percival is attracted to such outfits is because one of his dreams is to live the luxurious life, as well as to avoid wearing the drab rags that most other Shinigami wear.

Percival not only appears to be of noble birth, he carries himself as such. He walks about with a regal and aloof air, his eyes seemingly staring into the deepest recesses of one's soul to determine their true worth, showing a slight disappointment upon finding said worth lacking. He seems cold and detached, speaking to everyone with a politeness that doesn't seem to be warmed by the radiance of his flesh or eyes. His usage of honorifics when speaking to his superiors and those equal to him sound rather false, as if the respect that is supposed to accompany those titles aren't there. All in all, Percival is a rather rigid and icy male, on the surface, making relationship with him rather strained.

However, this is simply on the surface of what he is. Should one persevere through his wintery demeanor and truly gain his friendship, they will find the ice melting rapidly to give way to a soul with a radiance to rival the sun itself. When amongst friends, he is quick to smile and even quicker to laugh, sharing in the mirth of those around him and sending it back tenfold. Those who see him like this will see that his eyes truly glow when he is like this, happy and laughing, enjoying the company of others and washing his friends in an aura much like the light of an angel.

Percival's temperament is a cool as he is cold to those who he has not bonded with, the male being able to approach situations and conversations with a calm and collected demeanor despite what said situation is. He is pragmatic and strategic, hardly going about anything without a plan that is as impenetrable as good, blacksmith forged steel. He is also fiercely loyal, protecting that which he believes in and the cause he throws his lot in with every fiber of his being. This loyalty extends to his friends and loved ones, enveloping them in a warm aura of protection that spells doom for anyone who tries to breach it. Percival is simple in that his loyalties to those he loves with his full heart goes far above his loyalty to his state or order. He will fight for those he loves to the death, and it doesn't matter whether that death is his own or the death of those who would dare hurt someone he loves.

Percival was born as the first child of the Osuna family, a minor noble clan within the Seireitei, but a noble clan nonetheless. His family's progenitor was hailed as one of the greatest Shinigami of his time, and ever since, the first sons had been sent to the Shin'o Academy for training, first to follow in their first head's footsteps, and then to continue the family legacy. Due to being born as the first son of the current Clan Head, Percival was groomed to be a Shinigami from the day he was born. This gave him a small sense of entitlement that blossomed into his unerring goal to become someone equated to nobility.

Whilst growing up, he was raised amongst his brothers and sister, and a handful of cousins, each receiving the same lessons. He also befriended some of the children from the other minor houses, as well as those who were not noble at all. This lead to a small bit of trouble with his parents, as he was not allowed to "fraternize with those beneath his station". He took this to heart, building up a bit of a wall around himself to ward off unwanted connections and friendships, especially with who are of common birth. He entered the Academy with a goal to become much like royalty, and found that there was a way to reach that level: he would become an esteemed Royal Guard, tasked with protecting the Soul King himself. Nothing would stand in his way.

Kan: 50
Asauchi, 2ft 6in
Kido Learned: -
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Gender : Female
Kan : 50
Shikai : N/A
Bankai : N/A

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PostSubject: Re: Percival Osuna   Percival Osuna Icon_minitimeTue May 02, 2017 5:43 pm

Looking good! You're very descriptive~


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Percival Osuna
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